Bodelwyddan Castle Adventure

Last week, Forms II and III went on an educational visit to Bodelwyddan Castle. Form II had an informative tour of the castle with the housekeeper, Mrs. Humphreys. This supported their learning in their recent history topic, The Victorians. The children got to dress up as ladies, gentlemen, maids and servants and took part in several workshops, including: washday, afternoon tea and games in the billiard room.

Form III took part in an outdoor workshop entitled ‘Minibeasts’, supporting their learning about plants and animals. They had the opportunity to search for creatures, in a specially adapted area, purpose built to encourage a variety of mini beasts, in the castle grounds. After lunch both classes joined to take a tour of the grounds, including: the maize, bird hide and adventure playground. It was a fantastic day, thoroughly enjoyed by all! 

Fairholme Preparatory School: Bodelwyddan Castle Adventure