Building Bridges

Last week, the children of Forms V, VI and VII enjoyed an exciting day of science and engineering at the Catalyst Museum in Widnes.  We all started the day by completing a question hunt, answering science questions at various exhibits.  By this time we were ravenous and were glad to stop for a delicious lunch.We were then set for the Bridges Workshop.  We were introduced to different bridge types including beam, suspension, arch and cable-stayed bridges and learned about various materials which can be used in construction.  We then set about building our own cable-stayed bridge, made mostly out of aluminium and wood.  With our safety gear on, we got started, step by step, putting each piece together, learning facts along the way.  After having a great time building, we all had a chance to walk over it; even some of the teachers had a go!

Finally, we went upstairs to the observatory and looked out at the existing rail and road bridges and the new Mersey Gateway cable-stayed bridge currently under construction.  To finish the day off, we all bought a souvenir from the gift shop.  (written by members of Form VI)

Fairholme Preparatory School: Building Bridges