Cathy Cassidy Book Signing

Form VII enjoyed attending a presentation and book signing at The King’s School this week by the best-selling children’s author, Cathy Cassidy. Cathy Cassidy is the author of very popular and critically renowned children’s and teenage fiction and has been nominated for the “Queen of Teen” Award three times, winning in 2010 and runner up in 2012. She was promoting the paperback edition of ‘Sweet Honey’, her latest book in the Chocolate Box Girl series. This was a very exciting opportunity for children to meet a real-live writer, and to find out about her life to date. We found her ideas about day-dreaming, her character mood boards and her soon to be published 'Looking Glass Girl' very interesting.  Signed copies of Cathy's book were available to purchase and the day proved to be an inspiration for us all.

Fairholme Preparatory School: Cathy Cassidy Book Signing