Entrenched in History

Form VII recently visited Bodelwyddan Castle and Park as part of their history studies — the main aim to see the rare First World War practice trenches. They are an historic, registered monument and are some of the best preserved of their kind in the UK. 

The practice trenches existed partly so that the soldiers could learn how to construct them and partly to give them practice in using them.  It is unlikely, however, that the relatively benign conditions at Bodelwyddan would prepare the men for the appalling conditions and horrors they would face in France.   There, trenches were constructed in waterlogged ground in which men stood for long lengths of time leading to a nasty condition known as ‘trench foot’.  It is said that rats in the trenches were the size of cats.

The trip provided a fascinating precursor to our World War I centenary celebrations to be held at the end of term.

Fairholme Preparatory School: Entrenched in History