Home Front Experience

To augment their history studies on World War II this term, Form VII visited Llandudno Museum and the 'Home Front Experience' last week. After an initial presentation at the museum, the children viewed the World War II exhibits and dressed up in a range of uniforms and civilian clothing of the time. With the assistance of an artist working with the museum, Form VII made replicas of the 'Mickey Mouse' style gas masks provided for children in WW2. The weather was kind to us on this trip, enabling us to have a picnic on the prom. The only distraction being from a rather persistent seagull, clearly attracted by the quality of the packed lunches! Then on to the nearby 'Home Front Experience' exhibition, where we listened to Neville Chamberlain's speech on the declaration of war, caught a glimpse of how life was for the ordinary people at the time and experienced sitting in an air-raid shelter. The visit was rounded off with a trip to the museum shop.

Fairholme Preparatory School: Home Front Experience