Lifetime Achievement

It was a great pleasure to be able to attend the Welsh Independent Schools Council (WISC) Annual Conference in Cardiff over the last two days.  Independent Schools from all over Wales were represented and some very compelling and engaging speakers facilitated lively discussion around topics such as wonder and curiosity, trans issues, Estyn inspections and mental health.

At the Evening Dinner event, the marvellous news was announced that our very own Elizabeth Turner had won the WISC 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award! We were delighted to hear the WISC Chairman's entertaining summary of how Mrs. Turner's hugely positive and uplifting influence on pupils and staff at Fairholme over the last 25 years has been an impressive force for good.

We can now very proudly state that Fairholme boasts an award winning staff to enhance the lives of our pupils and to take us into 2024 and beyond! Well done, Mrs. Turner!

Lifetime Achievement Award 2023