One Hundred Years of Memory

Music and Drama departments have been working furiously this term towards a completely different end of year event at the Cathedral. 

In commemoration of the centenary of World War I, the children have been preparing songs, ballades and parodies from the great war, dance and drama scenes and have taken part in a lot of marching activities!  We were delighted that Mr. Jarvis was able to come in and teach us the basics of marching and halting, saluting, standing to attention and rifle carrying.  The children certainly enjoyed this part of our preparation and were able to put some of what they had learned into practice in the main event. 

Form VII have been studying the War in their history lessons.  They worked hard to prepare an excellent assembly to share with the rest of the school which ensured that everyone, even the younger pupils, has some understanding of why we are commemorating this war and what it might have been like to live in those times.

All this work, of course, culminated in the main cathedral event in which all children enthusiastically performed.  There were certainly some great moments of fun but also  some very moving moments which suddenly brought home the severity of war and the effect on all those living one hundred years ago.

Thank you to all the staff especially Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Cotterill, Miss Messham, Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Hall and to all the children for their efforts and contributions to such a memorable event.

Fairholme Preparatory School: One Hundred Years of Memory