Shine, Star, Shine!

This year’s nativity play, ‘Shine, Star, Shine!’ by Niki Davies, told the traditional Christmas story from the perspective of the stars.  The Big Star, played by Willow, was struggling to shine on the all important day when she needed to guide visitors to the stable in Bethlehem.  However, when the star met Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, she was able to shine brightly.  This ‘all-star’ cast gave a very confident performance with excellent narration from Cameron and Rhea — a most enjoyable show to get us into the Christmas Spirit.  DVD’s are still available to order if you have missed out on this.  We are looking forward to seeing much of this emerging talent put to use in our forthcoming Easter production of ‘Peter Pan’.  Thank you to Mrs. Gains, Mrs. Turner and all the team for their excellent work with the children.

Fairholme Preparatory School: Shine, Star, Shine!