Space is a Wonderful Place

Recently, Forms V, VI and VII went on a school trip to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre - home to the third largest steerable telescope in the world, standing at a staggering 90 metres high and 70m wide!

On our arrival, we headed towards the ‘Space Pavilion’ where we learnt about mete-ors, heat and telescopes. The thermal cam-era showed us which parts of our bodies were the hottest and which were the coldest. We even got to touch an actual meteorite! Following this, we journeyed along the ‘Planet Path’ which gave us an insight into how long it would take to get from one planet to another and what the planets were like.

The next session took us inside a large, dome-shaped inflatable Planetarium where we were able to look at the various constellations and discover why the Greeks gave them their names. Amongst them could be seen the 13 signs of the zodiac.

In the afternoon we were given the opportunity to try out some space-themed experiments. We carried out a cratering experiment, identified a meteorite from a variety of rock samples, ac-cording to its properties and learnt how much objects would weigh on different planets due to the difference in gravitational pull.

All in all, this trip was ‘out of this world!’  written by AP

Fairholme Preparatory School: Space is a Wonderful Place